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Balayage Gloves (Pair)

Balayage Gloves (Pair)

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Your Perfect Partner for Seamless Balayage Blending!

Introducing BALAYAGE BLENDERS – the gloves that redefine precision. Designed for the modern hairdresser, they ensure flawless blending, stretching, and toning for that perfect colour gradient.

  • Australia's Best Balayage Blending Gloves
  • Durable Microfibre Construction for Extended Use
  • Machine-Washable: Perfect for Busy Salons
  • Enhances Colour Blending and Softens Demarcation Lines
  • Ideal for Foiling, Highlights, Root Stretches & Toner Melts
  • Increases Salon Efficiency and Saves Time
Color: Foxy Pink


Step up your hair colouring game with Foxy Blondes' BALAYAGE BLENDERS. Crafted from 100% microfibre, these gloves are not just any ordinary gloves—they're your next game-changer in hair colouring. Tailored to fit perfectly, they ensure a smooth, seamless blend, perfect for dragging products evenly. Whether you're looking to blend root stretches, toner melts, or soften those demarcation lines, these gloves have got you covered. The durability ensures they withstand the daily rigours of a bustling salon, and being machine-washable, they're easy to maintain. Say goodbye to compromised hair integrity and hello to flawless blends and efficient salon sessions. Embrace the future of hair colouring with BALAYAGE BLENDERS. Experience the Foxy Blondes difference today.


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