At the Heart of Foxy Blondes: Is You

Rooted in Passion: Welcome to Foxy Blondes! Since our launch in 2020, our goal has been clear: to capture the essence of the fast-paced salon environment and produce foils that not only save you time during your services but also enhance the overall experience for you and your clients with our unique designs.

Our Global Journey: Starting from Australia, we've made our mark in salons from our own backyard to the bustling ones in the US. Our foils aren’t just functional tools; they serve as a canvas for creative expression, and have become a favourite amongst hairdressers worldwide.

The Art of Design: Every foil we develop is a culmination of extensive research, valuable feedback, and thorough testing. We've focused on creating the ideal balance in terms of weight, size, and texture. We believe in the intersection of functionality and style.

Together in Craft: With over two decades in hairdressing, we've witnessed countless hair transformations. At Foxy Blondes, we celebrate the craftsmanship and the shared stories that transform a salon into a hub of creativity.

Doing Our Bit for the Planet: We're committed to our environmental responsibilities. It's essential for us to ensure our products are environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced. After all, our beautiful Australian landscapes inspire us to preserve nature's beauty.

For the Community, By the Community: The cornerstone of Foxy Blondes is the incredible community of hairdressers. From beginners to experienced professionals, everyone has played a part in our story. We value the unity of our community — the shared experiences, collective wisdom, and mutual support. Fueled by the unwavering affection we've experienced, we're continuously motivated to pursue innovation.

Looking Ahead: Our journey has been extraordinary so far, but we believe it's just the beginning. The future is promising, and we're excited about what lies ahead. We aspire to not just offer products but to cultivate a strong community where every hairdresser’s story enriches our own. The next chapters are waiting to be written, and we're eager to see where they take us.

Your Canvas Awaits: Hairdressers are known for their unique styles and flair. At Foxy Blondes, we encourage you to let our products be the canvas for your artistry. Here's to crafting captivating looks, one masterpiece at a time!