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Plain Jane - Flat Pack

Plain Jane - Flat Pack

500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm - Pre-Cut
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The simple original where less can indeed be more!

Plain Jane redefines elegance in its minimalistic matte silver finish. A symbol of understated beauty, this shiny foil is every hairdresser's go-to, promising affordability without compromising on quality.

  • Australia's Best Hair Foils
  • Embossed Foxy Grip for Precision
  • Affordable and Efficient
  • Salon-Grade, Hassle-Free Usage
  • 100% Recyclable Material


Step into the serene realm of Plain Jane Flat Packs, a celebrated member of the Foxy Blondes' collection. Cloaked in a refined matte silver finish, these foils are a nod to the timeless beauty of simplicity. But it's not just about aesthetics. With our signature Embossed Foxy Grip, they promise unparalleled accuracy, making every strand of hair shimmer with elegance. Be it your daily foiling endeavors or those distinct highlights, Plain Jane ensures you achieve them with grace and efficiency. Beyond their aesthetic allure, these foils come with the added benefit of affordability, guaranteeing premium quality without a premium price tag. Designed for convenience, our flat pack format ensures they're always within arm's reach, ready to transform your hairstyling sessions. As we journey towards a greener tomorrow, take comfort in the fact that each Plain Jane foil is 100% recyclable. Dive into the world of Plain Jane, where sophistication meets simplicity, every single time.


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