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Plain Jane - Extra Wide

Plain Jane - Extra Wide

200 Sheets - 20cm x 35cm - Pre-Cut
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Embrace the charm of Plain Jane in an extra wide dimension.

For those who believe in timeless elegance and efficiency, Plain Jane Extra Wide is your perfect match. The iconic silver foil now offers more coverage, ensuring every hair session is not only stylish but also swift and seamless. For a quick guide on how to use them, check out our video demonstration in the product images section!

  • Australia's Best Hair Foils
  • Superior Quality Hair Foils
  • Embossed Foxy Grip for Precision
  • Extra Wide for Extended Coverage
  • Salon-Grade, Hassle-Free Usage
  • 100% Recyclable Material
  • Note: Our extra-wide foils are conveniently folded in half and packaged in slimline boxes for easy storage and use.


Introducing the Plain Jane Extra Wide - a classic revisited and resized for those extensive hair tasks. The signature silver, known and loved for its simplicity and professionalism, now stretches further to accommodate larger sections of hair, all while maintaining its premium quality. Its familiar embossed texture guarantees the Foxy Grip you trust, ensuring precision with every wrap. Nested in a specially designed package for effortless access, Plain Jane Extra Wide streamlines the styling process. Just like its standard counterpart, it champions sustainable beauty with its 100% recyclability. With Plain Jane Extra Wide, you're not just choosing a foil, you're opting for timeless class and exceptional functionality.


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