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Pink Candy - Balayage

Pink Candy - Balayage

200 Sheets - 15cm x 40cm - Pre-Cut
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Elevate Your Balayage Long Time!

Embrace the wild charm of balayage with Pink Candy! Dive into our vivacious leopard print on a pink palette, now extended for those sweeping balayage moments that leave a lasting impression.

  • Australia's Best Hair Foils
  • Superior Quality Hair Foils
  • Embossed Foxy Grip for Precision
  • Extra Long for Perfect Balayage Techniques
  • Salon-Grade, Hassle-Free Usage
  • 100% Recyclable Material


Introducing Pink Candy Balayage – where style, functionality, and length harmoniously unite. Imagine our iconic leopard print on a dynamic pink backdrop but stretched for that captivating balayage transformation. Designed with the artist in mind, these foils seamlessly integrate into longer, flowing hair sessions, ensuring every highlight cascades perfectly. But, it's not all about the looks. These foils champion precision with our distinguished Embossed Foxy Grip, ensuring each wrap stays put, allowing you to craft your balayage magic without interruptions. As always, sustainability remains at the forefront with Pink Candy. Crafted from 100% recyclable material, you're not just picking style; you're choosing an eco-friendly approach. With Pink Candy Balayage, turn every hair session into a wild and elegant masterpiece.



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