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Thermal Hair Rollers - Double Width - Salon Grade - 20 Pack

Thermal Hair Rollers - Double Width - Salon Grade - 20 Pack

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The only WIDE Thermal Rollers around!

Our NEW Hair Rollers are the salon-grade secret to achieving FLAWLESS volume!Our smooth-grip rollers softly holds the hair in place, ensuring long-lasting, bouncy waves and curls. Secure blowouts, tame fringes and create endless enviable styles with just a flick of the wrist.

  • Unmatched Width at 9cm: Cover more area with each roller, drastically cutting down your styling time.
  • Dual Sizes in One Pack: Get the perfect curl with 50mm and 30mm diameters tailored for different hair lengths and styles.
  • Rapid Heat Conduction: The aluminum core ensures a quick heat up, saving time and energy.
  • Anti-Static, Anti-Tangle Composition: Say goodbye to frustrating snags and static interference.
  • Stay-Power Design: Achieve lasting curls and volume with or without the use of other hot tools.
  • Lightweight Yet Durable: Ideal for both in-salon and overnight styling without feeling weighed down.
  • Professional Grade Quality: Crafted to meet the standards of the industry’s top products.
  • Generously Packed: 20 pieces per pack, each split evenly between large and small sizes.
  • Bonus Styling Accessories: Includes 20 complimentary pin clips for secure styling and perfect results.


Discover a new realm of hairstyling with our Salon-Grade Hair Rollers, meticulously crafted for the modern trendsetter. Unlike the conventional rollers, our design encapsulates the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary styling needs. Here’s an in-depth look into why these rollers are the best on the market for professionals like you:

Two Size Varieties for Personalised Styling: Our pack comes with two distinct sizes of rollers, 50mm and 30mm in diameter, catering to different hair lengths and desired styling outcomes. Whether you’re aiming for voluptuous volume or subtle waves, we’ve got you covered.

Extra-Long Design for Maximum Coverage: Stretching 9cm long, these rollers provide an extended area to wrap your locks around, ensuring every strand is perfectly curled and volumized.

Aluminium Core for Rapid Heat Conduction: At the heart of our rollers lies a durable aluminium core, designed to conduct heat swiftly, cutting down your styling time while ensuring a long-lasting hold. The quick heat conduction is ideal for both professional in-salon and personal styling, with or without the use of other hot tools.

Anti-Static and Anti-Tangle Composition for Smooth Experience: The meticulous design of our rollers presents an anti-static and anti-tangle composition, promising a hassle-free and smooth styling experience. Say goodbye to unwanted frizz and annoying tangles.

Lightweight and Convenient for In-Salon and Overnight Styling: Despite their robust structure, these rollers are lightweight, making them your perfect companion for in-salon styling or achieving dreamy waves overnight.

Professional Quality for Salon-worthy Results: Our rollers are crafted to meet the high standards of professional salon products, ensuring you get salon-worthy results from the comfort of your home.

20-Piece Pack with Complimentary Pin Clips: Each pack contains 20 rollers, equally split between large and small sizes, allowing you to mix and match based on your styling needs. Plus, we throw in 20 complimentary pin clips to secure the rollers in place as your locks set into enchanting curls and waves.

Versatile Styling Options: From securing blowouts to taming fringes, and creating an array of enviable styles, the possibilities are endless. Achieve flawless volume, bouncy waves, and perfect curls with just a flick of the wrist.

Indulge in the art of hairstyling with our Salon-Grade Hair Rollers. flaunt perfectly styled, bouncy locks. Add a touch of professional finesse to your hairstyling routine, and let the rollers do the magic!


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