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Retro Cali - 100m Roll

Retro Cali - 100m Roll

100 Metre x 15cm - Roll
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Infuse a touch of Californian retro charm with every custom length!

Dive deep into the Retro Cali vibe, now available in a 100m foil roll. Crafted for those moments when standard sizes just won't do, our roll paired with a serrated-edged box ensures precision, allowing for tailored applications each time.

  • Australia's Best Hair Foils
  • Embossed Foxy Grip for Precision
  • Flexible Length for Various Styling Needs
  • Serrated-Edged Box for Effortless Cutting
  • Salon-Grade, Fuss-Free Usage
  • 100% Recyclable Material


Welcome to the world of Retro Cali in its most versatile form — the 100m foil roll, exclusively from Foxy Blondes. This expansive roll caters to stylists seeking flexibility and precision, permitting custom foil lengths for myriad hair treatments. The magic of Californian retro beaches is now just a cut away, thanks to the serrated-edged box ensuring you get the perfect size, every single time. The foil's Embossed Foxy Grip holds steadfastly, ensuring meticulous applications and stunning results. And as with every Foxy Blondes product, sustainability is key; hence, these foils are 100% recyclable. Engage with Retro Cali, where your creativity meets our unmatched quality.



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