What's so great about Pop Up Foils? Where to start...

What's so great about Pop Up Foils? Where to start...

These are the ORIGINAL Foxy Blondes hairdressing foils, and they're still our crowd favourites. We now have over ten on-trend pop-up foil designs, created to take foiling to all new heights. With the Foxy Blondes signature Pop n' Pull ergonomic packaging, our foils are unlike anything else on the market. These bbys have been made by hairdressers, for hairdressers, and you can tell.

Founder of Foxy Blondes, Belynda, knew exactly what she wanted and needed in a foil, so she spent months in production making her foils absolutely perfect. The end result was pre cut foils, with their matte finish, flexible texture and super grip embossing. Packaging has been carefully designed and tested to make life in the salon easier, resulting in better and faster foiling.

Foxy Blondes hairdressing foils have hairdressers worldwide praising the non-tear, non-stick technology don't tear with an added bonus: when you turn the box over and push the underside until you hear a pop, the foil in now aerated and springy. Now, when you grab a foil, it slides out easily, crease-free, and without sticking or tearing. It's a super Foxy pop-up design that has been carefully crafted with faster and easier foiling in mind. 

With over ten on trend designs you not only have a foil of unrivalled quality, while also breathing some fun back into the salon.  

Check out our 27cm x 15cm Pop Up Collection here and join the Foxy Blondes New Foil Movement. 

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