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Uptown - Flat Pack

Uptown - Flat Pack

500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm - Pre-Cut
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Elevate Your Salon Vibes with UPTOWN!

Immerse in UPTOWN's signature pink, embellished with a chic 'hugs and kisses' pattern. Crafted for precision, these flat pack foils represent the epitome of style and functionality that every Upper East Side-inspired stylist seeks.

  • Australia's Premier Hair Foils
  • Signature Embossed Grip for Precision
  • Optimised for Advanced Foiling Techniques
  • Salon-Grade, Seamless Experience
  • 100% Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Material


Set against a sophisticated pink backdrop, these foils are adorned with a chic 'hugs and kisses' pattern, transforming every foiling session into a Gossip Girl episode. They're not just a reflection of your refined style but also your commitment to top-tier salon service. Our signature Embossed Grip ensures that each foil wraps with unparalleled precision, elevating every hairstyle to Upper East Side standards. Whether it's classic foiling or intricate highlights, UPTOWN delivers with efficiency, ensuring minimal wastage. Packaged in our sleek flat-pack design, they're always on standby for your next style session. And, in our unwavering commitment to the environment, every UPTOWN foil is 100% recyclable. Dive into the UPTOWN experience, where style, precision, and eco-consciousness converge in flawless elegance.


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