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      Life Stages

    • 27 cm Pop Ups
      • Toothpastes
      • Toothbrushes
      • Mouthwashes
      • Prescription Only Products
      • Specialty Products
    • 27cm Flat Packs
      • Bad Breath
      • Bruxism
      • Cavities
      • Dry Mouth
      • Gum Disease
    • Balayage 40cm
      • Brushing & Flossing
      • Dental Visit
      • Mouth & Teeth
      • Fluoride
      • Fluoride
    • 18 Metre x 15cm Rolls
      • Infant Kids Oral Care
      • Teen Oral Care
      • Adult Oral Care
      • Oral Care During Pregnancy
      • Oral Care 60+
    • 20 Metre x 30cm Rolls
      • Infant Kids Oral Care copy
      • Teen Oral Care copy
      • Adult Oral Care copy
      • Oral Care During Pregnancy copy
      • Oral Care 60+ copy

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Flexi-Micron Foil
Flexible, super embossed foil
 for less bleed & maximum gri

Made by Hairdressers
For Hairdressers - we know
what works best!

All-New Flexi-Micron Foil
It's time to foil smarter. Foxy Blondes hairdressing foils are taking the world by storm, for good reason. Our all-new flexi-micron foil has been designed by hairdressers for hairdressers to seriously up your foil game.
Foxy Blondes pop up foils
Deep Embossing
We have spent months to bring you the deep & finely textured embossing for maximum grip & less bleed.
Lightweight & Pliable
Our all-new lightweight micro flexi foil has been specifically made to get in close to the scalp & is unlike any other on the market.
Non-Slip Matte Finish
It's not just the underside that makes our foil different. It's the non-slip matte film on the topside that offers a super-grip effect, on both sides.
Made for Micro-Foiling
Specifically textured to handle fine foiling, back-to-back foiling & any foiling job both big & small - without slipping.
Our foils are made by hairdressers for hairdressers. Everything has been considered down to the last detail. Including the packaging of the foils; whether it's flat packs, pop ups, or rolls, our foils are packaged for easy-to-grab, non-tear, non-tear dispensing.
100% Recyclable
We are all about making products that reduce our impact on the environment. It's for that reason our foils are made 100% recyclable.

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